Updated Thoughts On My Top 7 Products From The Bloggers United Event 2016.
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Updated Thoughts On My Top 7 Products From The Bloggers United Event 2016.

Happy  Tuesday Guys!

I’ve been wanting to do this update for a long time. It’s been almost a year since I attended the Bloggers United event in Brisbane. I had so much fun and enjoyed so many of the products I received that I wanted to give you all an update on how I feel about my top 7 today.


Check out my top 7 faves from the bloggers united au event now live on the blog!! // www.bargainbaglady.com

For this list, I will be simply stating how I feel about these products now (almost 12 months later) and also if I would repurchase them. Okay lets get right into it.



NYX Lip Matte Cream in the shade [Milan]


So we are almost one year on from receiving this product and let me tell you – I was so excited to try it when I first received it. I had heard so many good reviews about these mattes that I wanted to join in on the party. Well I’ve seemed to have come full circle on this product. I was using it obsessively when I first got it – but then I went on a binge of buying pink/nude matte lips and it kinda went out of rotation.

But for the past few weeks I added it back into rotation again (which was what inspired me to write this post) and am happy to be using it.

Would I repurchase? – No…

And the reason is because I have since found better mattes that I love to use and prefer using. I do enjoy using this but I prefer to use the Australis luxe/velour lips as well as NYX lingerie.

Lip matte creams nyx australis kylie lipkit too faced bargain baglady bloggers united au post

Weleda Skin Food


Since using Weleda – I have used it on and off throughout the year. I did get over how thick it was, but still thoroughly enjoy the smell and how effective the product is. I predominantly use it on my hands when my skin is peeling away on my fingers and it works overnight!

Would I repurchase? – Yes.

I would love a thinner version of this cream but then I wonder if it would actually be as effective as it is currently. I love this product and will continue to use it. I still have about half a tube left one year later!


Roship Plus Roll On Oil & Cream Cleanser


Interestingly enough – these two products get two different reviews. I haven’t used the cream cleanser for over 10 months so I still have plenty left of this to enjoy (And I can’t remember if I enjoy this still or not! :P)  I plan on doing an updated face product post and will include this one in there.

However – I have been using the roll-on oil two-four times a week every week since I received it. I put this on my face and neck to prevent early wrinkles and anti-aging, plus it feels amazing on my skin and it has also cleared up my acne scarring.

Would I repurchase? – Yes to the roll on oil!

Absolutely! It’s fantastic to use and is long lasting (I am almost out of it now) and is very effective. I highly recommend it to any one with acne scarring.


Boe professional Brow Pen & Brush

Check out my top 7 faves from the bloggers united au event now live on the blog!! // www.bargainbaglady.com

This brow pencil is my angel. My saving grace. I have bought about 4 of these since i first received this one. I am still on the same brush but may need another one in the next few months. They are both amazing products and at $10 the brow pencil is totally affordable as well. I usually buy two at a time which will last me about 4-5 months.

Would I repurchase? – HELL YES!

I need to go buy more pencils at the moment! I love them so much they are perfect for my crazy eyebrows. Most days I will just put this on and be ready to rumble.


Natura Siberica Oblepikha Hair Mask


I’ve just finished using this product a few weeks ago and I am going to miss it in my shower. It smelt amazing, felt amazing and left my hair feeling smooth, shiny and thoroughly clean. I am a big fan of hair masks (especially having thick frizzy hair) so I highly recommend them to any one with similar hair.

Would I repurchase? – Oh yeah!

I am looking to get this bad boy back into my life as soon as I have some spare cash. Hopefully that’ll be sooner rather then later.


BitchinSkin Body Scrub


I liked using this scrub for the first couple of times, but then I just got over it real fast. It still sits in my shower and i’d say I’ve used it about 6 times in the past year. I am honestly not a fan of the Matcha trend and wouldn’t buy it in this flavour.

Would I repurchase? – Nope.

This product was simply not for me. I did enjoy it at first but that impression quickly wore off after a few more uses.

Maybelline Colour Tattoo Eyeshadow

Check out my top 7 faves from the bloggers united au event now live on the blog!! // www.bargainbaglady.com

I still like this eye-shadow and do use it occasionally. But like the NYX lip cream, I’ve acquired more eye-shadow palettes since then and I have used this one less and less over time. It does go on nicely and is nicely pigmented, so I do recommend it if you prefer buying single colours to palettes.

Would I repurchase – Nope.

As I’ve stated above, I am enjoying other palettes I have a lot more then this one, plus I have enough to last me a lifetime atm!

eyeshadow palettes maybelline the nudes, the blushes nudes, bargain baglady
Shoutout to Di from Di the Unicorn for sending me the Blushed Nudes 🙂 Thanks Babe!

So what do you think of these products? Were you surprised by my updated opinions? Let me know in the comments below – I’d love to hear your thoughts!



Sammy says cya later aligator for this next post, for more check out www.bargainbaglady.com!

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  • Beaut idea to revisit these products down the track Sammy – these BUA goody bags are wonderful but the sheer volume of products can be so overwhelming, so I’m delighted to find out which ones you loved most xxx

    • Thanks Kat – Yes it was nice to really revisit these products and let every one know what I continued to enjoy/not enjoy!


  • I have seen a lot about that hair mask and am keen for a try of it!

    • It’s so wonderful Beth! The smell does remind me of fruity red bull too which is random! X

  • That hair mask sounds like a hit. I’m always on a hunt for new hair masks, because you never have enough hair care.

    Michelle Morchella

    • Totally agree Michelle – I can’t not use a hair mask now as the difference is really substantial with my thick locks! It’s thick, fruity and lasts for ages!

  • So interesting to see which ones you still love and which ones you’re not so fond of after a year – and very impressive to see some products lasted almost the whole year! That’s good value 🙂

    Hope you are having a really good week so far.

    Away From The Blue Blog

  • I love the NYX blush from this event, and have bought the Rosehip Oil cleanser and use it every day. There was a Maybelline lipstick that I love, as well as the Vani-T lipstick in La Femme. 🙂

    • There were so many products and even products I am still discovering 12 months later. I hope to go again the next time it is in Brisbane 🙂 My Vani-T Lippy was broken sadly so I never got to enjoy it 😛

  • Kez

    We got the Weleda Skin Food at the Perth event too, but everything else is completely different! I think it is a really good idea that you did an update a year on, opinions change…

    Kez | acaciasdreams.com

    • Thanks Kez yeah same here – I thought it would give a chance to let everyone know how the products are REALLY doing 😉 A lot of them I still love, but you can’t love everything 😉 X