The Truth About Doing Surveys Online
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The Truth About Doing Surveys Online

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I’ve been wanting to write this post for sometime now. I’ve been doing ‘online paid surveys’ for many years and thought it was a topic that needed to be honestly discussed. I saw a segment on the news about this last night and honestly felt they were sugar coating how it really is (my personal opinion from doing surveys from 2010.) Yes it’s a great way to get a side income, but it’s not quick and it’s not easy and you can’t instantly earn $150+. It takes time, patience, determination and effort – like anything great.

I just want to make a quick disclaimer that although I am pointing out more negatives than positives, doing surveys are a great way to get some side income into your pocket and/or to help towards groceries/fuel. I’m more pointing these out because I want you guys to know how it is before going into it and that way you can decide if it’s really for you or not.

Listening to New Edition – Heartbreak album while writing this post is making my Friyay a lot of fun! Am I the only one who does three other things at a time while writing a post?

Ever wanted to get a small side income with no qualifications? Surveys are a great way to do that - but let me give the honest truth on the blog.
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You Will Get Screened Out

This is the reality of participating in online surveys. I get screened out more times than I would like to. This is purely because they are looking for a particular market or demographic and you don’t fit those prerequisites. By saying this, I am not saying don’t bother. But some days it can be a bit disappointing, but don’t get discouraged – keep trying and you will get plenty of surveys that are looking for your opinion.

It’s Time Consuming & Gets Boring Quickly

This is also true. I find I do my surveys while doing other things because I get too bored and distracted easily. I am in the midst of completing two surveys while writing this post right now! There is always an upside to a downside and in this case – I’d recommend multi-tasking while completing surveys (especially if they are at 30 minutes and up.)

Ever wanted to get a small side income with no qualifications? Surveys are a great way to do that - but let me give the honest truth on the blog.
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You’ll Get The Same Surveys Again & Again

I’ve really begun to notice this in the past couple of years. I believe the purpose of this is to see the changes in people over a short/long period of time. But sometimes when you receive the exact same survey again after a few months – it can be a bit annoying. Just be aware and do your best and think of the incentive.

Some Websites Will Give You An Incentive Just For Trying!

Now this is an awesome positive. Websites like Survey Choice will provide you with a few cents for just giving it a go. Although it doesn’t sound like much, it all adds up. So get out there and earn your 20C damn!

You’ll Flood Your Inbox

I am really considering changing my e-mail address and having a separate e-mail just so I can receive my survey e-mails due to the amount I receive everyday. I receive more than 20-40 a day. If you know you aren’t going to do the survey in the next 48 hrs – delete the e-mail as they do expire.

Don’t Let The Surveys Expire, Or You’ll Miss Out

As I was saying in the point above, the surveys attached to these e-mails do expire. So if you know you can’t get to it in the next 24-48 hrs, delete and move on.

Money You Earn Takes Time To Receive

It doesn’t happen overnight. It can take days if not weeks. Just keep an eye out on your bank account or PayPal balance. I usually pin these confirmation e-mails to remind me I’ve got some money coming in and who to contact if I don’t receive money. I just received a $20 incentive this morning after waiting about 4 weeks.

Some Websites Don’t Always Give Money (But Other Incentives)

And that isn’t necessarily a negative, but I just thought you should know. Below I’ve covered the minimum the websites I use offer and what they offer so be sure to check it out if you’re interested. I have also received incentives from all of these websites except for one.

Here are some of the survey websites that I use and have received incentives/money from. As I said above you have to commit to doing them and it does take time – but it is a great little side income or handy for groceries/fuel.



Please note – Some are referrals* which means I’ll receive extra points/cash if you sign up. You can do the same if you refer others. 


Quality Online Research – Minimum withdrawal $30 (not including a $3 fee) You can do this via PayPal or Bank Cheque. I used to use this one for cheques as they only added PayPal recently. You can even donate to charity if you desire.

Survey Choice – Minimum withdrawal $20 for either a straight bank deposit or a gift card to places such as Woolworths or Itunes.

MySurvey – I find this website takes longer to accrue points then it used to many years ago – However I still do their surveys and save up for a rainy day. 1200 points will get you $10 into PayPal. 1100 points will get you a $10 Coles gift card. 

Quest Mindshare – When you’ve reached $17.00 you can redeem your money. I have done this a few times and it does take time but you do receive it eventually.

Valued Opinions – I’d wait until you are at $20 as you receive a $20 gift card for a variety of places. I use this website to get Coles gift cards or if I need something from a particular place I’ll use one of these. I see they now have Nandos (Good to know for my stomach!😍)

Toluna – The lowest amount of points you will need to receive $10 Coles Express/Nandos/Hoyts credit is 15,000. I generally wait until I am at 60,000 to receive $20 into PayPal or a eftpos card.

Purkle* (Formerly Nine Rewards) – Only gift card incentives once you hit $20.00. I like to get ones from Chemist Warehouse and buy make-up with them! I find this website is one of the faster ones to fill up. I’ve been using them since they were Nine Rewards and they always deliver.

Opinion World* –  Minimum Redemption is 500 points which equates to $10. I usually deposit into PayPal or save my points for a particular voucher in the ‘Webshop’ section (such as Coles.)

Global Test Market – You must have at least 1,000 Market Points into your cart to redeem PayPal or Giftcards. I currently have over 700 points so I haven’t been able to order from these guys yet. I will once I am over 1000 and update you guys on the results.

Ever wanted to get a small side income with no qualifications? Surveys are a great way to do that - but let me give the honest truth on the blog.
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What is your opinion on these types or survey sites? Do you use them and if so what is your experience? Am I missing any from the list that you use? Please let me know in the comments section below as I find this a fascinating topic. ⬇️️⬇️️

Happy weekend friends!😍

Ever wanted to get a small side income with no qualifications? Surveys are a great way to do that - but let me give the honest truth on the blog.



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  • I’ve had a few rewards cards from Valued Opinions over the years, it’s something I used to do pre-baby and pre-blog when I was bored and had some time to spare on the internet. LOLOLOLOL like that’s ever going to happen now. It’s a good way to get a little something something akin to pocket money if you have the time but I agree, the repetitiveness can be boring.

    • I totally agree Beth! If I have a spare hour i’ll clean out my inbox but I find I am mostly doing them while I am doing other things because I get bored so quick. 🙂