Vespas In the Springtime // $6 dresses make me happy
It’s a day late but it still got there ūüėČ I did touch on this new number briefly in my last “It’s Thrift Time” post but I really wanted to elaborate further on how much I love this unique dress and how styles like this have opened my wardrobe up to even more possibilities. I fell head over sandals for this unique vibrant number and couldn’t wait to share it Click for more..
I turned 27 recently, so I decided to reflect on the past through the way I know best...style. Check out the full post over at www.bargainbaglady.com
This blog post has gone completely off where I wanted it to, but I guess this is where my head is at, and the realities of adulting are kicking in later than I thought, but faster than I expected. ¬†So to take this down a notch, let’s take a look back at the past 27 years of and how my thrifting style has evolved over the years. I really thought Click for more..
It's That Thrift Time again, check out my thrift finds for the month of April! // www.bargainbaglady.com
Happy September,¬†I cannot believe we are in my fave time of the year Spring¬†in Aus.¬†Time to pack away my Adidas jumper and bring on shorts and sandals once again. *DISCLAIMER*¬†Sorry for the lack of posting this week, I took a few days away to unplug and deal with some personal things..and honestly the last thing I wanted to do was push out half-ass content because I “need to be digitally Click for more..
Check out how I styled a summer dress for winter 2 different ways :) Collab with Blue Umbrella Lane on the blog now!
So I’ve been following Blue Umbrella Lane¬†aka Emily for quite some time now. Since I started Bargain Baglady, I have to say I’m a genuine huge fan of her. I think she’s an awesome person, has a great sense of style and isn’t your average thrifter like myself! ¬† If you want to check out how she styled her little purple number, click here! We decided to do a “One Click for more..