Hello and welcome to another thrifting style adventure blog post. Today I wanted to share with you all how I’m not your typical thrifter. I find that many thrifters get thrown into a category: Vintage, Hipster, Collector, DIYER, etc. But you never seem to hear as much about the bargain fashionistas out there who predominantly rock the eco-fashion on a daily basis. I find it funny because I do believe that’s a Click for more..
Ever looking for good quality second-hand at a good rate? Check out "The Wardrobe Green" for great quality items, like this Tommy Hilfiger top I scored!
Happy Tuesday! I’m sorry it has been a while since I’ve posted! I’ve had a good old flu, plus trying to work and also had that lovely popped blood vessel in my eye about 2 weeks ago. It was all really de-motivating but I am back and ready to post. I wrote in a recent Instagram post that I will NOT be thrifting for the rest of October. (Sad I know right?!) Click for more..
It's That Thrift Time again, check out my thrift finds for the month of April! // www.bargainbaglady.com
I can’t believe September is almost over. My favourite month is about to leave and tonight I’m going to celebrate by eating pizza and having drinks with a galpal. Since I’ve been trying to smash out the remainder of my car loan, I have had to give up a bit of the thrift. (Which has been REALLY hard.) But never fear because I have still found some amazing things and Click for more..
Check out my very minimal look behind a beautiful array of flowers
Good morning gems and happy Tuesday! I hope you’ve all had a fabulous week! Last Tuesday love bug and I decided to travel 2.5 hrs out to Toowoomba to visit the Carnival of Flowers. Of course being the person that I am, I knew I couldn’t resist a great photo opportunity, even if at times I did feel overdressed 😉 Overdressed or not, I simply adore this monochrome look. I’m Click for more..