Hello Gems! 🙂 I hope you have all had a lovely thrifting week! I have found some great treasures which I’ll share with you in a more detailed post next week. This week I got some great bargains including vintage Guess which I cannot wait to share with you. Okay, today I thought i’d share some of my favourite tips on how to score an even better bargain on Ebay then you Click for more..
Bargain Baglady - Top Beauty Products to Thrft
Another Monday done and dusted Gems, I hope you all have had a great thrifting week, accumulating awesome bargains and looking fabulous! J I’m going to start doing thrift haul posts in the future, so watch this space for more coming soon. Today I wanted to talk about my top five Beauty Products that I love to thrift for. Now again, this is my personal preference, it may not be for Click for more..
Gems, this has appeared to be a question that’s been lingering in my mind the past few days, so I thought I’d look into this thrifty vs frugal debate and really associate the difference between the two. Before we begin, I just want to state that these are simply my opinions and views. If you think otherwise, I’d love to hear your thoughts, tips or suggestions. A girl always needs more Click for more..
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Hello Gems! This is a new segment for all the curious gems out there that would like to know – So what does the Bargain Baglady hunt for? Wall art is always something I scan around for when I am thrifting – As i looked around my house a few days ago – I realized ALL of the wall art we have has been thrifted and no pieces were over $50! Click for more..
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