Good Morning Gems! it’s time for another Thrifty Tuesday! (Written on a Wednesday – oops!) Over the past week, I have had some incredibly good luck on my thrifting adventures. I am trying to cut down on my thrift shops, but it feels as though I am still going whenever I can get a chance! (I am clearly addicted to the thrift.) {The dates I will be showcasing are from Click for more..
Gems, How are we today? We don’t always need to pay top dollar for designer jeans or a crisp white shirt. Sometimes the best things in life are hiding in a thrift store or on someone’s yard at a garage sale, awaiting for you to give it a nice home. Today I’m going to be sharing with you my 4 favourite staple pieces that you can thrift for less (and did I mention Click for more..
This challenge got a well deserved update and make-over. You won't believe how much I smashed off my car loan in just 1 year! / Www.bargainbaglady.com
Good morning Gems, As I’ve seen this challenge floating around the blogosphere recently, I thought why not get out of my 9-5 funk and get on the bandwagon. As a goal-oriented human, this challenge is right up my alley! Challenge date started July 21st, 2015 – Challenge date ends April 17th, 2018 Keygen: Completed (31) | In-progress* (7)| Uncompleted (70) FINANCIAL Increase my wage (hourly) (New job acquired 15th October!) Put 10k onto my Click for more..
Hey Gems! Another week another thrifty find! I wanted to start sharing more of my finds with you in more detail. Last week I had a pretty average yet amazing haul (from the Op shops and Retail shops.)  Now let the pictures speak for themselves.. I have a new obsession with capes, I want to be in a land where I can capes on the daily. However, I live on Click for more..
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