17 September

Bargain Eating

Hello again Gems, Now I did write a similar post about “What to stock up on whilst grocery shopping” but I thought I’d take that post in another direction and talk about ordering food and getting a bargain!! A few months ago I stumbled across an advertisement for Menulog. Menulog is a service that gives you a discount (sometimes up to 35%) just for ordering your meal online. It’s all Click for more..
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BSOFY_BBL (bargain baglady)
14 September

Best sales of the year

Hello Gems! This morning I’m writing to you with Netflix in the background in a comfy ass robe while feeling crook as a dog! Since having to take today off work, I thought, why not share with you my latest blog post that’s been plaguing my mind for the past two weeks? I’ve been naughty and haven’t started planning my blogs in advance, but I can now promise you that Click for more..
08 September

Birthday Bargains

Happy Tuesday Gems! ITS MY BIRTHDAYYY! 🎈🎈 To celebrate my day of birth, I thought it would be purrfect to talk about the different types of birthday bargains you receive from brands, just because you were born! Here a few of the birthday bargains I have received today and maybe I’ll even use some of those! 😉 Birthday Vouchers – Certain companies will e-mail/snail mail out a discount voucher because you Click for more..
06 September

Liebster Award!

Happy Fri-yay Gems! I am so excited to announce that I was nominated for my very first Liebster Award! ☺️ Thank you The Yellow Dog & Pink Pig  for this award, I cannot be more grateful to be recognised already within my first year of blogging!   Questions from The Yellow Dog & Pink Pig What is the name of your blog and what is its significance? Bargain Baglady was honestly something that just came to me. Click for more..