Good morning Gems! Man, I miss writing as much as I used to. I’ve basically been working full time since school holidays rose its ugly head (Sorry Wallet $$) so I have barely had time to blink let alone blog so my apologies to all of my readers! Today I wanted to talk about when is it the right time to splurge your well-earned dollars? As we can tell I Click for more..
Have you ever just seen a fashion trend pop up and felt exceptionally confused and disappointed with the world for this fashion disaster? I know I have a few times in my young adult life, and figured we could re-kindle our hatred for these together. These are my the three worst fashion trends of recent years. *Note: all opinions are my personal opinion only, feel free to tell me yours in Click for more..
Hello Hello! Here are a few of my favourite new things that I have been pining for. But before we begin, let’s check out what I picked up from previous wishlists! Rubi lace-up flats Mumma Yoda bought these Rubi Shoes cuties for me a couple of weeks ago and I finally got to wear them. OMG I love them, However, they don’t stay up if you tie them high so Click for more..
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Happy Wednesday Gems, I’m sorry it’s been a while since I have posted a blog, I’ve been bed ridden for the past week and a half, I am only just starting to feel alive again! Today I thought I would share with you, my five favourite thrifted pieces for 2015 that I love to rock on Instagram¬†and out/about (Follow for happy bargain snaps!) Tokito Jumpsuit $5 I love this little Click for more..