I’m backkkkkkk! 😉 After two long weeks without being able to do any website work, I’ve finally got the blog back up and running! YAY! Thank you Gems for being so patient with me it’s been much appreciated. Before my conundrums, I was planning on doing another ‘Thrifty Tuesday’ post, but since so much time has gone by, I’ve decided to showcase my finds for the entire first half of November! Click for more..
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07 November

Christmas Wishlist!

Hello Hello! Christmas is fast approaching, and I had planned to finish all of my shopping by November 15. Is that going to happen? Most likely not. But, in the spirit of Christmas, November and December’s Wishlist will be merged into one big ol` Christmas Wishlist, Hooray! But before we get into all that, check out my latest wishlist finds from previous months. Denim Shorts – Acquired from October Wishlist Click for more..
Hello Lovely Gems! Did you regret wearing that cute floral jumpsuit clothes shopping last week? Do you like to stick to some sort of plan whilst enjoying your ‘retail therapy’ adventure? Then maybe I have the blog for you. Here are some simple, yet effective Dos and Donts that will help you have a more stress-free retail therapy session! DO DO: wear comfortable clothing and shoes (no jumpsuits, no lace-up Click for more..
Free samples are great. They are a fantastic way of trying the product before you fully commit. I have been an avid Free Sampler for over 10 years now and thank god because I have found a few products that I continue to use to this day. So here you have them gems, my top 4 samples that turned into purchases. {Please note: some products may make younger viewers a bit Click for more..
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