Check out my review on Amie Natural Skincare - wouldn't you want a scrub that smells like Mango?
Hello friends and welcome to a brand spanking new skin care brand that has recently hit our Australian shores (specifically at our fave store Priceline.) Have you heard of Amie? No I’m not talking about the Aami insurance woman – I’m talking about Amie the natural skin care woman.) Lovingly created in the UK, Amie – meaning “friend” in French –  is truly “your skin’s best friend”. I was more than Click for more..
Happy Tuesday friends! I’m currently writing this with an incredibly sore throat and a cold that just won’t quit. This damn thing has been hitting me on and off for the past 5 days only sticking around for a few hours or so. I’ve decided, i’m not going to let this get me down and get this post out for you guys regardless of how shiz I am currently feeling. I Click for more..
Ever wanted to get a small side income with no qualifications? Surveys are a great way to do that - but let me give the honest truth on the blog.
Happy Friyay Friends😍😍  I’ve been wanting to write this post for sometime now. I’ve been doing ‘online paid surveys’ for many years and thought it was a topic that needed to be honestly discussed. I saw a segment on the news about this last night and honestly felt they were sugar coating how it really is (my personal opinion from doing surveys from 2010.) Yes it’s a great way to Click for more..
It’s been a while between drinks my friends. ❤️   If you haven’t read my last blog post (here) you may be wondering where the hell I’ve been. Honestly – I haven’t really been anywhere, except not having the mind frame to write. My writing jingles have not been a flowing so I decided to not force anything. Not post out forced posts because of a time schedule. I didn’t want to Click for more..