I think this blog post has been long overdue. I love bags, and I love a bargain, hence Bargain Baglady was born. It’s catchy, rolls right off the tongue and is a name you like to say out loud. But when it came right down to it, I really don’t have as many bags as I thought! (Maybe i’m getting more picky in my old age 😄) But I wanted to Click for more..
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Check out my boxing day haul from 2015..All bought from the comfort of my office desk! ;)
Did you miss out on part one? Check out my ICE design fashion sale finds here. Here come the snapshots! Typo & Cotton On Sale Haul (SELECTED ITEMS 50% OFF)  – Price BEFORE discount: $78.97 Price AFTER discount: $55.47 From left to right: ‘Hell Yeah’ phone cover, Block calendar, ‘Save water, shower with a friend’ shower curtain, Hello Kitty neck pillow, ‘Chase Adventure’ desk calendar, Hello Kitty notepad, ‘Get shit done’ mouse pad and Click for more..
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Hello Gems! I know this ones a bit late, but the main reason for that is because I did 95% of my boxing day sale shopping ONLINE! I was so proud of myself for my online shopping efforts for a couple of reasons. I didn’t have to wear pants in order to buy things 😉  I finished all my shopping before 10AM I got free shipping on both orders! Here Click for more..
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Looking for a budget friendly alternative to online shopping? I think I may have found the service for you // www.bargainbaglady.com
*Not a sponsored post, I was just so interested and happy with the new service I wanted to share my thoughts on the subject* When I first heard of Afterpay (courtesy of St Frock) I was curious about what this new payment option was all about. After some research, it had come to my attention that Afterpay is the perfect payment option for the more frugal or budget-friendly consumer. Instead of paying 1 up-front Click for more..
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