Hello my friends and welcome to another edition of #OOTD I finally went out and bought a tripod, so be prepared for more frequent OOTD posts coming straight to you! I can’t wait to showcase more of my bargain buys with you guys. Ok let’s check out the snaps. God I love this shirt, I just can’t help but sing Ricky Martin whenever I read it. The best $5 purchase I’ve Click for more..
Lorna Jane warehouse sale _gold coast_bargain baglady
Hello my dear gems! Well, its safe to say, that if you’ve seen on my social media (insta), I didn’t score overly well at the Lorna Jane warehouse sale. I was disappointed with the prices and was hoping for a smidgen more cheaper, but a girls gotta shop her way and I still didn’t go home empty handed. 😄 The set-up and signage was great, the amount of stock for day Click for more..
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I think this blog post has been long overdue. I love bags, and I love a bargain, hence Bargain Baglady was born. It’s catchy, rolls right off the tongue and is a name you like to say out loud. But when it came right down to it, I really don’t have as many bags as I thought! (Maybe i’m getting more picky in my old age 😄) But I wanted to Click for more..
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Check out my boxing day haul from 2015..All bought from the comfort of my office desk! ;)
Did you miss out on part one? Check out my ICE design fashion sale finds here. Here come the snapshots! Typo & Cotton On Sale Haul (SELECTED ITEMS 50% OFF)  – Price BEFORE discount: $78.97 Price AFTER discount: $55.47 From left to right: ‘Hell Yeah’ phone cover, Block calendar, ‘Save water, shower with a friend’ shower curtain, Hello Kitty neck pillow, ‘Chase Adventure’ desk calendar, Hello Kitty notepad, ‘Get shit done’ mouse pad and Click for more..
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