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*Today we have Kristen as a special guest over at Bargain Baglady, giving the Mummas a great read about kid clutter, Enjoy* It is no secret that things accumulate quickly once you have a baby. If you’re a momma to more than one child, then you have the pleasure of accruing items even faster. While we are so incredibly lucky to have space in our home for a playroom, we Click for more..
#OOTD It's a wrap dress // check out the vintage dress thats totally on trend right now // Www.bargainbaglady.com //
When you find the perfect dress at such a bargain price, it’s only natural to want to go and shoot the dress in all it’s glory…right?..guys? 😉 Here comes the $40 look *Apologies for the side boob action* But seriously how amazing is this vintage Fiorelli bag? I really love this shot, so fierce! This dress made me feel so curvaceous and womanly. I felt like with this look I could take Click for more..
Unsure of exactly what size you are? Here's my solution... // Www.bargainbaglady.com //
I love my size, in fact I adore having curves. But the matter of fact is, we live in a society where they push stick figure women in front of us and expect us to relate?  The unfortunate/fortunate truth is, the average Australian woman is a size 16. I am in this average, I am 166 CMS tall and my weight can fluctuate between 75-78 KGS. I also have clothing in Click for more..
Need some tips on how to be more frugal when booking your next dream holiday, i've got you covered // www.bargainbaglady.com //
I get it, we are all in a constant state of wanderlust (or is that just me?) We want to always be travelling, somewhere, but damn the dollars can rack up. After flights, accommodation, transfers and insurance, wheres the spending money? So what’s a travel-bug to do? How can we save at a time where all we are doing is spending money? Well, I wanted to share some thrifty tips in order to get Click for more..