Ever wanted to love a trend, but just can't seem to get into it, or end up hating it instead? I talk about five trends I'm not that into over on the blog // Www.bargainbaglady.com
Have you ever just seen a new trend appear in the fashion world but just can’t seem to get behind it? It’s not necessarily that you hate it, but more it’s just not something you are into. I’ve had this happen throughout my life and I am sure you also have. Let’s discuss them together and see if we have any similar dislikes. If you like this post – make Click for more..
 Happy Thursday Gems, the weekend is almost here and I thought it was the perfect time for some blogging inspiration! Last week I caught up with the lovely Morgan from Martini Mondays to discuss our mutual love for communications, social media and basic tees! Thanks for stopping by the blog Morgan, we’ve loved having you here! Next time we’ll need to do this over actual martinis! 🍸😉 What made you fall in Click for more..
Need a white hot dress for spring? I think you'll enjoy my latest addition. // Www.bargainbaglady.com
We may be coming out of summer in Australia, but the latest addition to my closet is white hot and can transcend into any season. Check out the look under $80. This tunic is perfect for any occasion, throw it on for a day at the beach, add a maxi skirt for a friends birthday or even pair some jeans in winter for effortless street style. Lace ups make me Click for more..
Yes, you read that correctly. Keep reading to find out which type of sales don't toot my horn. // Www.bargainbaglady.com
Yep you just read the title correctly. There are certain types of sales that I am not a fan of, and i’m about to tell you why, so let’s get started. Stargen: (How I will be rating said sales) I really hate it * I can kinda handle this, but I could really use a coca cola right now ** You are borderline amazing *** Sale Types I’m not a Click for more..