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Happy Easter Gems! A few weeks ago I happily stumbled across a Cotton On sale with “NOTHING OVER $10!” My jaw literally dropped, followed by a squeal of happiness. This is the result of said sale. DAMN I DONE GOOD. Did I mention this only cost me $55 for the entire haul? *Warning, most of these items are now sold out* 😢 Okay, here come the goodies! Heather Roll Neck Midi Dress (Different Colour) | Click for more..
Need your floral fix? Check out the latest #OOTD post at Www.bargainbaglady.com {xx}
$2 dresses are the best kind of dresses, and yes this is another wrap dress #ootd post. I think I’ve become obsessed. But, the thing about getting a beautiful dress so cheap, is it makes you appreciate the item even more and makes you want to spin around and smile. It seems to be apparent from my Instagram that I like to clash prints. I say to those who are Click for more..
Check out my review of these funky sunnies from Www.firmoo.com over on the blog // www.bargainbaglady.com {xx}
22 March

Firmoo Review

When the tagline of a website says “Vision and fashion the frugal way”, you know I’ve gotta collab! As you might have noticed lately I have been in a collaborating frenzy, but a Bargain Baglady still has to be true to her frugal game. When Firmoo contacted me, I honestly couldn’t see a reason to say no. They are fashionable and frugal, just like me. 😊 They sent me these hella cool and Click for more..
Ever wanted to love a trend, but just can't seem to get into it, or end up hating it instead? I talk about five trends I'm not that into over on the blog // Www.bargainbaglady.com
Have you ever just seen a new trend appear in the fashion world but just can’t seem to get behind it? It’s not necessarily that you hate it, but more it’s just not something you are into. I’ve had this happen throughout my life and I am sure you also have. Let’s discuss them together and see if we have any similar dislikes. If you like this post – make Click for more..