Yes, you read that correctly. Keep reading to find out which type of sales don't toot my horn. // Www.bargainbaglady.com
Yep you just read the title correctly. There are certain types of sales that I am not a fan of, and i’m about to tell you why, so let’s get started. Stargen: (How I will be rating said sales) I really hate it * I can kinda handle this, but I could really use a coca cola right now ** You are borderline amazing *** Sale Types I’m not a Click for more..
Unsure of what wrap dresses? Grab your coffee and read about how thrift an awesome trend on the blog // www.bargainbaglady.com
Wrap dresses are all the rage right now… and if you haven’t noticed i’m a little bit obsessed with them lately. 😂 Let’s check out some of my thrifty styles and tips for thrifting this week’s trend – The wrap dress. Check the amount of boob cleavage 😂 This might seem odd, but i’m starting to notice the more wrap dresses I acquire, the more cleavage/side boob action coming out! I’m not Click for more..
Unsure of what hair products to try? I've got some faves i'd like to share with you, that won't even cost you $10!
My hair and I don’t have the greatest relationship. The frizz is relentless, especially in summer and I just don’t have time for that kind of terror in my life. 😂. Here comes my favourite hair products, (under $10 I might add), that fight to keep my hair frizz free! Favourite hair-care products under $10! L’Oréal Elvive Re-Nutrition DEEP NOURISHING MASQUE | $3 This was a recent purchase, as I wanted Click for more..
Love Hello Kitty as much as I do? Check out my greatest finds on the blog now ;) // Www.bargainbaglady.com //
Hello Kitty has always been a go-to item on my thrifting list. In the last few years, Hello Kitty has become more accessible in Australia, which means more Hello Kitty bargains 😍. My top {4} Hello Kitty thrift finds Hello Kitty Phone $5 | Lifeline, 2012 Yes I can imagine you rubbing your eyes in astonishment, because that’s what I did too when Mum and I saw this sitting in the Click for more..