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Hey friends of the internet. I’ve decided to try something a little different for “It’s that thrift time“. I felt that since I thrift so many items in the one month, it might be time to take it down a notch and try to show you my personal faves for that particular month. I hope you enjoy the new format, lets give this one a whirl for the month of March. Best Thrift Click for more..
The head to toe denim trend has definitely grown on me, especially over the past couple of years. When Cotton On had their “NOTHING OVER $10” sale a few weeks ago, I couldn’t resist buying this denim play-suit. When the package arrived, I was happy with my purchase. But once I tried it on, it was a whole other story. I absolutely love how light and comfortable this play-suit is. Click for more..
When you find a sale with nothing over $10, check out the haul live on the blog // www.bargainbaglady.com //
Happy Easter Gems! A few weeks ago I happily stumbled across a Cotton On sale with “NOTHING OVER $10!” My jaw literally dropped, followed by a squeal of happiness. This is the result of said sale. DAMN I DONE GOOD. Did I mention this only cost me $55 for the entire haul? *Warning, most of these items are now sold out* 😢 Okay, here come the goodies! Heather Roll Neck Midi Dress (Different Colour) | Click for more..
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$2 dresses are the best kind of dresses, and yes this is another wrap dress #ootd post. I think I’ve become obsessed. But, the thing about getting a beautiful dress so cheap, is it makes you appreciate the item even more and makes you want to spin around and smile. It seems to be apparent from my Instagram that I like to clash prints. I say to those who are Click for more..