I’ve always been a fan of changing my phone cover often. I enjoy being able to showcase my personality through every accessory, and your phone case can help you achieve that. When iPersonalised contacted me to do a review on their unique styling of phone cases, I jumped at the chance. The idea of being able to personalise my own cover, especially for me, was music to my ears. iPersonalised. is Click for more..
3 ways to style your white denim shorts //now live on the blog // www.bargainbaglady.com
When I was  showering the other day, I had this epiphany to start a new series on the blog (because who doesn’t have love a good blog series?) Also, this particular blog series gives me the chance to rediscover my wardrobe and get my creative juices flowing (which I cannot get enough of.) You may have noticed over on my Instagram, that I’ve been enjoying wearing my newly thrifted Seed Click for more..
Feel as though your blog isn't going where you want it to? Read my thoughts on the blog today. // www.bargainbaglady.com
You feel as though you’re doing all the right things. You are promoting the fuck out of your website. You are engaging with your lovely readers and followers across social media platforms. You are self-teaching yourself SEO, social media marketing, networking and yet, you’re still only getting 20-50 views a day on the website. What the hell are you dong wrong? I had a day like this a few days Click for more..
It's a new month which means an awesome new wishlist is coming your way! // Www.bargainbaglady.com //
05 April

April Wishlist

I didn’t do a March wishlist (whoops) 😂 Happy Tuesday Gems! I can’t believe it’s now April, where has the time gone seriously? I’ve decided to now do alternate monthly between a beauty favourites post and a wishlist post, to not clog up the blog with all the list posts (unless that’s what you’re into, then let me know in the comments below ⬇️.) This month I’ve gone a little on-trend with Click for more..