An extra post this week gems due to the special day that we should be grateful for – Mothers Day! Without them we wouldn’t be here, and without it our kids and fur-babies wouldn’t be here. So why not do a mini gift guide to celebrate the number one woman in our lives? I love celebrating Mother’s day. I love spoiling mum with lots of hugs, gifts and coke on Click for more..
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Were you ever scared to try neutral colours? Check out my look for under $40. Any one can rock all neutrals. // Www.bargainbaglady.com {xx}
Hello friends and welcome to my resting bitch face. I seem to get very frowny when I shoot, maybe i should try smiling more, I hear it helps with wrinkles! The other day I was having a good everything-day (which doesn’t happen all the time.) My face, hair and outfit all came together like a little Michael Jackson sequined glove, so of course I had to shoot it. The more Click for more..
It's That Thrift Time again, check out my thrift finds for the month of April! // www.bargainbaglady.com
It’s that “Thrift’ time again¬†ūüėȬ† Since starting my new job. I’ve had a lot less to time to go hunting! (I haven’t even been able to go this week yet.) ¬†April has been a slow and small thrifting month, however, I have still managed to come home¬†with a variety of¬†goodies I think you’ll be proud of. If you need to catch up on last months thrift findings, click here . Click for more..
Looking for a new skrub?? / Check out the review over on the blog // Www.bargainbaglady.com
Hey friends of the internet, I love a good skrub, don’t you? The feeling you get when you hop straight out of the shower, after cleaning your skin and feeling oily, but in a smooth kinda way? I love the feeling that i haven’t just whacked some liquid over my body, but I’ve in fact scrubbed my body away of any germs and bacteria and am left with a beautiful Click for more..