Looking for a new skrub?? / Check out the review over on the blog // Www.bargainbaglady.com
Hey friends of the internet, I love a good skrub, don’t you? The feeling you get when you hop straight out of the shower, after cleaning your skin and feeling oily, but in a smooth kinda way? I love the feeling that i haven’t just whacked some liquid over my body, but I’ve in fact scrubbed my body away of any germs and bacteria and am left with a beautiful Click for more..
Happy ANZAC day everyone. Today is a special day, both for my country and for the world. I can’t understand war, or even imagine the trauma and pain. But i am very thankful and blessed for those who did and do fight for our country. Lest We Forget. Today is another special day for myself personally. It’s my 1 YEAR BLOGAVERSARY! I can’t believe it’s been one year already. The time has certainly gone Click for more..
Are you sick of your flowers dying after a couple of days? Read the post on how to make your blooms last much longer! // Www.bargainbaglady.com
Flowers are one of the most universal things in this world that can instantly put a smile on your face. They can brighten a terrible day, be a great apology, birthday or valentines gift, and they can also be a beautiful addition to any household. So why wouldn’t you want to make these beautiful blooms last as long as possible? When I came across an opportunity to collaborate with Flower Click for more..
Hello! 😍 So I got a new camera to play with…and I love it! Once you go Canon, you never go back. I recently got a new job (Wahoo!) which resulted in an overdue trip to K-mart for work skirts/pants. I did manage to score a good skirt but what I was most pleased with was this $3 Kmart white button up sleeveless shirt. The lighting is still something I’m Click for more..