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Once you find a great body wash, you don’t ever want to change it..until the next time you go grocery shopping! At the moment I would say that I have 5-6 body washes floating around my bathroom, both thrifted and bought new. It’s always hard to pick a favourite, so why not pick 5 faves?   Lux – Tahitian Escape (On Sale at Coles now!) $4 – $6 This is Click for more..
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When you find an amazing slogan tee, you just gotta rock that out on the town! I really need to learn to smile better HAHA. I love the cut of this skirt, not too short, but just short enough. I feel like my Adidas give any look a little sass. Do you guys like my latest YSL handbag? I snatched up this baby brand new for only $32 thanks to Click for more..
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SLOGAN TEES SPEAK TO MY SOUL LIKE NO OTHER! 😂😂 Have you ever just loved a particular part of fashion and felt your heart flutter whenever you find it! I feel this way about slogan tees and I cannot thrift them enough! Maybe it’s because i’m outspoken, maybe it’s because I love cool puns – either way, I love being able to express myself through fashion.  But how do you Click for more..
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Since the first segment of this was so popular, I thought I would bring it back with another five trends I’m just not into. Let’s see what fashion trends we don’t like together and let me know in the comments below some of the trends I may have missed that you’re not into.  If you haven’t seen the first segment of this series click here and check it out! Update: COMPUTER is Click for more..