2 days | 2 MONOCHROMATIC LOOKS | Check them out live on this double issue of #OOTD @ Www.bargainbaglady.com
I used to adore dressing in colour, and sometimes I still do. But for some reason, if you gave me the chance to dress in monochrome for the rest of my life, I wouldn’t be disappointed in the slightest. This week is a special #OOTD, two outfits in one post! I had a very monochrome weekend on my two days off and wanted to show you how I rock the Click for more..
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Once you find a great body wash, you don’t ever want to change it..until the next time you go grocery shopping! At the moment I would say that I have 5-6 body washes floating around my bathroom, both thrifted and bought new. It’s always hard to pick a favourite, so why not pick 5 faves?   Lux – Tahitian Escape (On Sale at Coles now!) $4 – $6 This is Click for more..
Love to speak your mind through your shirt? Me 2! Check out my latest slogan tee find on the blog // Www.bargainbaglady.com
When you find an amazing slogan tee, you just gotta rock that out on the town! I really need to learn to smile better HAHA. I love the cut of this skirt, not too short, but just short enough. I feel like my Adidas give any look a little sass. Do you guys like my latest YSL handbag? I snatched up this baby brand new for only $32 thanks to Click for more..
Can't find the perfect slogan tee? Check out my tips over on the blog // www.bargainbaglady.com
SLOGAN TEES SPEAK TO MY SOUL LIKE NO OTHER! 😂😂 Have you ever just loved a particular part of fashion and felt your heart flutter whenever you find it! I feel this way about slogan tees and I cannot thrift them enough! Maybe it’s because i’m outspoken, maybe it’s because I love cool puns – either way, I love being able to express myself through fashion.  But how do you Click for more..