#OOTD – Real Street Style  + LINKUP
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#OOTD – Real Street Style + LINKUP

Happy Tuesday friends!

I’m currently writing this with an incredibly sore throat and a cold that just won’t quit. This damn thing has been hitting me on and off for the past 5 days only sticking around for a few hours or so. I’ve decided, i’m not going to let this get me down and get this post out for you guys regardless of how shiz I am currently feeling. I wanted to dress up and this look became more street style then I could of imagined. I am in love with this look.

Plus I cannot wait to show you this look from a few days ago.


bargain-baglady-blogger-ootd-post-style-aussie-gold-coast-style bargain-baglady-blogger-ootd-post-style-aussie-gold-coast-style

This look was inspired from a fellow blogger/stylist that I think is just amazing. If you don’t follow Agnes from Wardrobe Fever – you are missing out! Her style is so on point yet unique to her personality as well. I bought this belt from Vinnies because of her belt-inspired looks. Thanks Agnes for the inspiration!

Lately in life I’ve been questioning happiness and how much of a state of mind it really is. As some of you may be aware I have had some personal issues and a decline in hours at work. But through it all I’ve managed to stay as positive as possible. I think what’s important to always remember through a negative period (because that’s all it is – a period!) is you’ll be able to get through the rain and be back to the sunshine.

I realised was to be grateful and happy for the little things – like enough money to feed myself (and occasionally buy Pokemon Cards🙊) and the fact that I do have a job and a second job on call to fall back on. I have some one who I love and loves me back and I have a pet who needs me. In the bigger scheme of things – I am a pretty lucky person and shouldn’t be letting my whole world tumble due to a few mishaps that I know can be solved. 

I can’t believe everything but the sunnies (which are newly prescribed btw!) are thrifted! I felt like a rockstar with some serious street style in this get-up and it was all affordable as fuck!

I tried another trend atm which was sheer socks. I don’t have any fishnet ones, but will invest as I think they are pretty fly. I don’t know if i’ll try the sheer socks again, but I did think they added a little something to the look.

bargain-baglady-blogger-ootd-post-style-aussie-gold-coast-style bargain-baglady-blogger-ootd-post-style-aussie-gold-coast-style

I understand that it’s not always easy to open up about these things – but I am always here if you need me internet fam. When I took these photos, I wasn’t in the the best mood. But after getting out in the sunshine and feeling grateful for a lot of things (including you guys!) I got this smile at the very end of the 30 minute shoot. 🙂


OUTFIT DETAILS//  TOP: No Brand ($1 | Memento Charity  Miami) SKIRT: Ice Design (Vintage | $5 | Lifeline Palm Beach)  SHOES: Converse (Bought w/ Gift Voucher | $80 BNWT | Endeavour Foundation Ashmore) BELT: No Brand ($4 | Vinnies Palm Beach) EARRINGS: Popcherry ($1 Sale) CLUTCH: No Brand ($3 | Vinnies Palm Beach)

OUTFIT TOTAL: $94 ($14 spent)




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Sammy says cya later aligator for this next post, for more check out www.bargainbaglady.com!


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  • Johanna

    Love the choice of clutch with that tshirt!

  • Loving that skirt! The whole look is totes street and a bargain to boot.

  • Loveyourwardrobe

    What a great look for a total bargain score! Hold your head up and soak in those rays of positive sunshine Sammy you’ll get through those ‘rainy days’ xx

  • Zerin Hassan

    OMG i need this TOP!! I love CATS HAHAH

  • You’re so good at finding those good bargains!
    I have no doubt everything will work out for you. So many times I’ve thought it will never be better, but it always gets better ❤❤

  • Lovely article! Thanks for sharing your honest thoughts 🙂 I sometimes get that same feeling and don’t really feel like doing outfit shoots. But it always feel great after getting out!

    Bella xx | http://www.digyhu.com

  • Ingrid – fabulous and fun life

    I love your positive outlook Sammy and am sure things will look up for you soon!

    That cat top is so cute!


  • Love your fashion photos! You’ve inspired me to step up my fashion photos xx

  • Dianne Childs

    I hope you start feeling better! I’ve had such a terrible February with setback after setback then yesterday I fell down some stairs twisted my ankle and smashed my iPhone. LOL. So things are great, haha. But now it’s a new month so I hope we both have better luck. Loving the cute cat top!

    Di from Max The Unicorn

    • Naw poor thing Di! Yeah this year has certainly felt like a cosmic joke but things can only go up from here! I hope you now have a new or repaired phone and a healed ankle! XX 🙂

  • First of all, Sammy, big hugs. Secondly, it IS true, that there is some light at the end of the tunnel. Even if at times the tunnel appears to go on forever 🙂 you have someone you love who loves you right back. There. That’s your light at the end of the tunnel right there xoxo

    • Thanks Sheela! You’re writing style has inspired me to be more open on my blog and just showcase the outfit but also the person behind the style 😉 Thanks for doing that babe X 🙂
      Yes love really can conquer all in this regard 😉

  • Sammy, you look so freaking adorable in this outfit! That shirt is purrfect and the skirt with sneakers is so on point! I am so glad that you are able to find happiness even through the tough times. It is that perspective that will carry you through! Hugs to you , my friend. Keep at it and I know you will thrive!


    • Thanks Shelbee for your kind words <3

      It's a state of mind I am always looking to improve. I really do think it helps with everything 🙂

      Same to you my dear friend!