About the Bargain Baglady

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Bargain Baglady, Aka Sammy, is a twenty-something fluff-ball full of determination and charisma, whose passion is to bring her readers inspiration and tips on living a frugal lifestyle, whilst still being able to look fabulous. Sammy loves bringing her passion for bargain hunting to a wider audience through social media and blogging.

Sammy’s professional background is marketing communications, which lead to an appreciation and soon full-fledged addiction to social media.  Combine that love with her other passion for thrifting and sales, and Bargain Baglady was born.

Since 1989, Sammy has lived and breathed op shopping/thrifting  on the sunny Gold Coast in the land down under, and honestly cannot justify a more efficient way to spend her well-earned dollars.

Her ability to buy good-quality, practical, adorable and most importantly affordable items at below the belt prices has made her infamous around her social circle. This led to many questions about “How do you find the best stuff so cheap” and “How do you know what to look for thrifting?”

Well have no fear ladies and gentlemen, because that is exactly what this blog,  is all about; showing you how to find the best quality items for your own pleasure, without breaking the budget and I hope to guide you to look in all the right places.




Until next time Gems! {xx}

  • This is so like me! I’m also born in 1989 and get legitimately proud about my deals. My top deal ever was that I only paid $75 for my dream wedding dress. Haha love your blog! Ps. Have you heard of Poshmark? Its an app I’ve been using lately to find name brand clothes for really cheap. I love it! I’ve also sold a lot of things I no longer wear on there. Just thought I’d share in case you hadn’t heard of that one. 🙂