$2 Op/Thrift Shops: How To Score And What To Watch Out For
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$2 Op/Thrift Shops: How To Score And What To Watch Out For

If you’re an avid thrifter like I am – you are very aware and also very in awe of the $2 Op/Thrift Shop. To someone who is new to the thrifting game, this bargain-hunting haven sounds both pleasing and overwhelming. Today I will be sharing some tips on how to best tackle these shops as well as some friendly warnings in order to get the best experience.

First i’d like to define exactly what a $2 Op/Thrift shop is:

A wonderful magical place that sells a majority of their clothes for $2 a pop! 


Now I know what you’re thinking, this is music to your ears..you just want to grab everything and have a grand time, but first take a breath and listen to these simple steps to remember when you are in this magical place.

Only paid $2 for this gorgeous OTS from Freez Fashion!


Do not buy it just because it’s only $2.00!

You still need to treat this like a full priced op shop purchase. Check the quality of the garment, how you would style it, what you would wear it with, sizing, etc. Just because it’s super cheap doesn’t necessarily mean it’s worth it or is in good quality.

Go in with the mind-frame that it’s quality over quantity!

This is an important one to get into regardless of what op shop you go into. Even though it’s remarkably cheap, remember to only pick up pieces that are great quality and still wearable for a long time. If you get three great pieces at $2 a pop instead of 8 average pieces, you’re better off and still have plenty of room in your closet.

*PRO TIP: When looking to donate, look at the garment and go..would I pick this up in an Op/Thrift shop? If not, it’s probably better off in the bin or as a cleaning rag. 

If you find a damaged item, only purchase if you are committed to repair it

Again, this point is important regardless. As a thrifter who isn’t into (Or is able to) DIY, only pick up a damaged item if you are truly committed to repairing it. In my case, I rarely do this unless Mum is adamant she can sort it out (God bless Mum.) Otherwise you’ve wasted money and have less room in your closet for other awesome pieces.

$2 Vintage denim culottes are another fave of mine!

Go to these shops less frequently (every 4-6 weeks)

I have two of these types of stores nearby and I aim to visit them both every 3-6 weeks (depending on sales, schedule, etc.) The reason this is because the turnover in both of these stores isn’t crazy fast and it saves me re-looking at the same items over and over again. The other beauty of these types of stores are that sometimes they even have a fill-a-bag for $5 sale when they want to reduce stock.

Again, remember the above points and only pick out items that are good quality and you KNOW you’re going to wear. Sometimes I only leave with two items but I know that these two items will be loved and worn time and time again.

$2 Op/Thrift shops are great for basics

This is my mind-frame when walking into these stores – pick up great basics you can use for multiple outfits. I don’t always come out with much but the odd bits I pick up I am always thrilled with (like the nude tee below.) If you come out with something extra, you are winning. Basics shouldn’t have to cost much, so if you can get a Bonds black tee and a Target white tee for $4, you’ve saved a bunch and have ever-lasting basics you can wear with anything.


Both items picked up for $2 a pop!

Take your time and enjoy the experience

This one is of the utmost importance. Don’t rush, don’t go to these type of stores if you only have 20 minutes to spare. Take the time to enjoy the experience, dig deep and have fun. Try on something different and see what you bring home. Patience is a virtue when it comes to thrifting. You won’t get all of the on-trend things in one day, but eventually you’ll find the magic. Op shopping is unique as you never know what you’re going to come home with – embrace that fact and really invest the time to have a good ol look.


Where to find $2 Op/Thrift Shops on the Gold Coast (and other cheap racks)


AWLQLD Currumbin (Varies depending on store – check your local AWLQLD for further discounted racks/stores)

2/56 Currumbin Creek Road, Currumbin Valley QLD 4223

RSPCA West Burleigh (Varies depending on store – check your local RSPCA for further discounted racks/stores)

3/18 Township Drive, West Burleigh QLD 4219

So happy to have found this vintage ice denim skirt. A great addition to my wardrobe. Also the nude basic tee was $2. SCORE!

Salvos – always look for 50% off colour of the week. Some salvos will also have a discount rack somewhere in store (stores may vary.)

Lifeline – generally have a $1 rack

Vinnies – Also have a colour tag on special each week.

Memento Charity (in Miami Gold Coast) – Also has a $1 rack outside.

>> Most Op/Thrift stores will have some sort of a discounted rack to reduce stock, so always keep an eye out as you never know what you’re going to find<<

What do you think of the infamous $2 op/thrift shop? Have you ever been? Do you have a favourite? Let me and my readers know in the comments section below. I’d love to get a directory going one day to help you guys get the best experience out there.




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  • A directory would be a great idea! 🙂 I’m pleased to see the AWLQ opshops on the list, that’s where most of my things go, as we will always be grateful to them for saving Cooper’s life and letting us adopt him!

    There’s an opshop near me that has fill a bag for $2 days, they are the best! I usually try stop by for them, although I have been doing a no-shop challenge so haven’t bought anything for a while!

  • Great recommendations! I always get overwhelmed by the options that I just give up. Thanks for your tips x

    • Just take a breath Rach and focus on maybe a particular colour or type of garment, that’s what I do instead of trolling through everything – hope that helps 🙂 X

  • I know an op shop that has a clearance rack outside with everything for $1 but I’ve not found anything to my liking there yet. YET.

  • For interstate readers, the AWL at Hallett Cove shops (South Australia) also has a discounted rack out the front (items usually $1-3). I’ve got a Sportscraft top from that rack that cost about $2 and gets worn over and over again.

    The other great thing, at that price, I’m game enough to gently machine wash some of those ‘dry clean only’ items! 😀

    • Alex nice score! I love those racks – sometimes they are few and far between but when you score, it’s a great feeling!

      Also, great tip on the dry clean only items – honestly never thought of that 😛 XX